Warmer weather is upon us, so you may be seeing little reddish brownish ants inside your home most likely in your kitchen or bathroom. First thing that comes to mind is to get the ant spray out and spray all around the baseboards to kill these pesky home invaders. STOP! DO NOT SPRAY! I bet you did not know that you could actually make the problem worse!

Pharaoh ants are very intelligent, they can sense the pesticide that has been placed along your baseboards and they will stay away from it. They would actually go to other parts of your home building other satellite colonies, making the situation a lot worse! Pharaoh ants can have more then 1 queen allowing them to build other nests through out your home.

So in order to defeat these small insects you must resort to baiting. The best forms of bait include: Ant traps, or any of the boric acid gel based bait (Follow label of gel bait). Placing these forms of bait around where activity is found will ensure the worker ant finds the poison and brings it back to the nest killing off the queen and colony. The ants won't disappear overnight and it may take a few applications of the gel, but be patient and the problem will be resolved.

To help prevent getting these guys in your home is not easy, but keeping your house clean having any food debris in your cabinets or on the floor cleaned will help.

If the problem persists and you're not getting any results from baiting, call Tremblett Pest Control. We are fully licensed and use Ministry approved pesticides that are safe for people and pets. We guarantee to remove the ants to your full satisfaction or your money back. Call 905 853 2100 or 705 300 2114

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